Month: August 2019

Electrical supplies and accessories available through High to Low Voltage, LLC

High to Low Voltage, LLC is in the electrical equipment business for more than 20 years. We have the in-depth knowledge and expertise required to help build solutions and design systems for industrial or commercial applications. Thanks to our background in manufacturing and wholesale, we can source and deliver the best quality switchgear, transformers and other such electrical components and accessories. To get an idea of what electrical components we can source for you, take a look below.

  • Electrical switchgear: Switchgear is the apparatus that is used for regulating, controlling and switching off or on the electrical circuit in the electrical power system. Whether you are looking for medium-voltage switchgears or metal-enclosed cabinets containing circuit breakers or switches, we can source them for you from the biggest manufacturers in the USA, such as ABB.
  • Low voltage distribution equipment: These systems are designed and operated to ensure the reliability and safety of an electrical system in an industrial plant. Typically, these equipment operate at less than 600 volts. ABB is one of the largest manufacturers of low voltage distribution equipment and they are one of our vendor partners.
  • Transformers: Transformers are devices that automatically transfer electrical energy between one circuit to the other. There are liquid-filled and dry-type transformers available in the market. Also, whether you want high, medium or low voltage transformers, High to Low Voltage, LLC can source it for you from well-known manufacturers like, Hammond and Eaton/Cooper Power Systems.

These are only a few of the electrical components and accessories that you can get through us. For more information, get in touch.

H2LV Vendor Partners

Transformers are passive electrical devices that transfer electrical energy between 2 or more circuits. The transference of energy takes place without changing the frequency, but with a change of current and voltage. When working with H2LV on new equipment you should know who our vendor partners are!


Prolec offers a comprehensive range of power and distribution transformers specifically designed to promote the durability, reliability and efficiency required in industrial, utility and commercial applications. Prolec is one of the largest transformer manufacturers in the world and provides H2LV with liquid-filled transformers, along with complete life-cycle support, which includes replacement components and parts. Their wide portfolio enables industrials and utilities to enhance the return on transformer assets by making sure a high reliability, optimized performance with minimum environmental impact and reduced life cycle costs.

Eaton/Cooper Power Systems

Eaton/Cooper Power Systems is a power management company that does business with over 175 countries in the world. The company provides medium-voltage transformers that offer reliability and value, with a range of options to increase environment responsibility and system protection. To meet the needs of commercial, industrial and utility applications, the company makes transformers available in both standard and customizable designs.


In North America, GE/ABB is a major manufacturer of transformers and switchgear Their catalogs provide thousands of standard transformers between the range of 50VA and 5MVA. They have multiple manufacturing facilities and offers the broadest range of transformers and gear that are reputed for their high level of quality, as well as, service reliability.

If you want transformers or switchgear from any of these manufacturers, High to Low Voltage, LLC can source it for you. Contact us, today!

The benefits of purchasing reconditioned transformers

Reconditioned transformers are a suitable option when both lead-time and price become a consideration. At H2LV we can source and remanufacture equipment to your specifications and needs.

Lead times on standard manufacturing can push from 9 Weeks to as far as 20. H2LV has an inventory that supports its customers in 3-4 weeks and even provided a longer than new warranty. The standard warranty for an H2LV Reconditioned transformer is 3 years with options and adders to provide up to 10 year warranties.

Reconditioned transformers are proven in the field. H2LV likes to discuss the “bathtub curve” when it comes to transformers. The lifecycle of a transformer is simple. It either works or it doesn’t. Failures happen on energization and end of lifecycle. Transformers when used properly and maintained are a great asset in the middle of their useful life.

Talk to H2LV about your equipment needs!

HV Switch Delay Replacements

Our vendors play a crucial role in helping our customers. However, manufacturing has its inherent delays and problems.

H2LV had a customer with a pump station that had to be online by a certain time period. Our manufacturing partner had a delay in shipment for the new equipment. H2LV had a solution of a remanufactured switch. The only problem was our customer needed a separate fluid. With the help of our shop teams and vendors we ordered the proper fluid, retrofilled and reconditioned the equipment and made the timeline needed for completion.

In our business things happen, H2LV is your equipment delay solution provider.

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