The benefits of purchasing reconditioned transformers

Reconditioned transformers are a suitable option when both lead-time and price become a consideration. At H2LV we can source and remanufacture equipment to your specifications and needs.

Lead times on standard manufacturing can push from 9 Weeks to as far as 20. H2LV has an inventory that supports its customers in 3-4 weeks and even provided a longer than new warranty. The standard warranty for an H2LV Reconditioned transformer is 3 years with options and adders to provide up to 10 year warranties.

Reconditioned transformers are proven in the field. H2LV likes to discuss the “bathtub curve” when it comes to transformers. The lifecycle of a transformer is simple. It either works or it doesn’t. Failures happen on energization and end of lifecycle. Transformers when used properly and maintained are a great asset in the middle of their useful life.

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