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Crypto Currency

5 Years ago we met our best customer and learned everything NOT to do to make a successful crypto mining site.  Let us be the experts you need.

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Solar Step Up/Step Down Facilities

Solar Step Up Medium Voltage Cable Reconditioned New Grounding Skids

Some of our largest customers buy transformers to feed their renewable energy platforms.  We specialize in these applications and can help you.  

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Oil and Gas

When a large regional needed a solution for quick ship transformers and cable and switchgear packages, we created a kitted solution and stocked the inventory.  

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Vendor Partners

We offer the best manufacturers and vendors for our customers.  When it comes to transformers, switchgear, and components let us do the shopping for you.

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Sell us your surplus

Shutting down a facility?  Replacing a failure?  Let High to Low Voltage handle the pickup, replacement, and scrapping of your excess electrical equipment,

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You have questions we have answers

No site selling transformers would be complete without Optimus Prime.  Do we sell Autobots?  Decepticons?  Find out.

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