Reconditioned Circuit Breakers Houston TX

Reconditioned Circuit Breakers Houston TX

Fully Reconditioned Circuit Breakers Serve Houston Electricians

Houston developers looking for fully reconditioned circuit breakers can rely on High to Low Voltage for all of your circuit breaker needs. Houston buildings demand even and consistent electrical flow. However, the grid that powers industrial facilities, factories, data centers and grocery stores also powers homes, streetlights, digital signage and more. The electricity needs are particular to each location and technology. Once electricity is laid in for a facility the total volume coming in is specified, but that doesn’t mean surges in electricity can’t come down the line, resulting in destroyed technologies, fires and more. Reconditioned circuit breakers cut off the flow of electricity to Houston facilities if it the electricity coming in exceeds the capacity of the circuit.  Unlike the older technology, fuses, a breaker doesn’t fizzle out when tripped. Instead of blowing out, a breaker blocks the flow of electricity and protects your valuable equipment and technology on the other side.

Because of their cost effectiveness, fully reconditioned circuit breakers give Houston electrical workers the tools to keep electricity moving and to keep technologies, buildings and workers safe from an electrical surge. Business managers will be grateful for these cost effective technologies and for the ongoing protection from electrical surges they provide.

Contact High to Low Voltage for all of your Houston, TX reconditioned circuit breaker requirements.

Low voltage reconditioned circuit breakers Houston

Many everyday technologies are in the low voltage category. From kitchen appliances in your Houston employee lounge to computers, telephones and more, Low voltage circuit breakers protect homes, office buildings, and any manufacturing business that is using personal technologies to manufacture goods or provide services.

Medium voltage reconditioned circuit breakers Houston

Some industrial equipment requires more electricity. Think of industrial motors, or machines used in processing oil. These industrial technologies are protected by medium voltage circuit breakers.

Houston insulated case circuit breakers

Each molded case circuit breakers contains an energy mechanism that stores energy in a two step process, to stop electrical surges before they get through to the wiring of your facility.  A plastic structure is used instead of iron frame to hold the mechanism in place, reducing conductivity. These breakers protect against contaminants such as dirt, debris, flammable dust and conductive materials such as metal filings.

Houston air frame circuit breakers

In an air frame circuit breaker air itself becomes a barrier to electrical flow. A spring loaded system maintains contact to allow electricity to flow, but when a surge occurs, the mechanism is tripped.  The spring loaded system is tripped, disconnecting the wires, thus stopping the flow of electricity. If your facility is free of debris, these can be a great option.

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