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Industrial electrical systems can be a costly to repair or replace in the circumstance of a breakdown especially in the Los Angeles area. Transformers in particular, a vital part of the electrical grid, are at risk of going down in areas with aging infrastructure. To replace a transformer, the public and consumers of something that’s reliable and dependable, and that can be installed quickly. To build a transformer from scratch can take a year or more to complete.

This is why a reconditioned transformer or other surplus electrical supplies can fill the gap when a transformer is damaged or destroyed. A reconditioned transformer allows you to find the equipment you need, fully backed by industry standards and guarantees, all at a more affordable price, and to keep electricity moving to consumers. At High to Low Voltage Los Angeles you can find high-quality, dependable electrical systems, including reconditioned transformers, to reduce outages and to keep the grid up and running.

Maybe you’re looking to update your current framework. Many modern areas have an aging infrastructure that is simply unable to keep up with the demands of today’s modern electrical usage. Whether the equipment is older and starting to break down or it just can’t handle the demands of a modern urban or suburban area. In these circumstances, an emergency transformer can keep your facility running until electricity is restored. Emergency Transformers have been built to make mobile installation possible, when the history of transformer design is such that each transformer is engineered and built individually to meet individual specifications. The concept behind an emergency transformer is to access a technology that can work with other equipment to meet or exceed capacity while the original transformer is being rebuilt or repaired.

In addition, 3-phase transformers are used to convert electricity from a power generating station into a stable single phase load that can power everyday electrical appliances. Every community relies on 3-phase electrical transformers at some stage in the process of getting electricity from generators to end consumers.

No matter your electrical needs, High to Low Voltage Los Angeles is ready with the solution. We carry a variety of products that can best fit your electrical requirements, while considering time to delivery and cost efficiency in maintaining electrical infrastructure.

We are not simply a “used” electrical equipment store. We carry top-of-the-line equipment, both new and reconditioned, backed by our own high standards and industry knowledge. If you need parts, we can help. If you need advice and solutions, our experts are there and ready to listen and work with you. No matter your need, High to Low Voltage Los Angeles is your go to supplier of electrical equipment. Our products include:



High to Low Voltage offers a variety of transformers so you can always be sure to get the right type of transformer for your current needs. Whether you’re looking for a 3-phase transformer, emergency transformer, a reconditioned transformer or some other type of transformer in the Los Angeles area, we are able to supply your transformer needs.

As a dealer in used and reconditioned electrical parts we are also hoping to talk to companies who have used transformers in the LA area. If you are looking to buy or sell transformers in Los Angeles, please contact us at High to Low Voltage today!



High to Low Voltage sells a selection of low and medium voltage distribution and switching equipment to help meet any electrical system’s specific needs.

As a dealer in used and reconditioned electrical parts we are also hoping to talk to companies who have used switchgears in the LA area. If you are looking to buy or sell, please contact us at High to Low Voltage today!


Electrical Supplies

In addition to transformers and switching equipment, High to Low Voltage is also your go-to spot for a large array of miscellaneous electrical gear. This gear includes things such as wires, cables, fittings, conduits and practically any other surplus electrical supplied you can think of in Los Angeles. If you’re in the area and in need of either buying or selling equipment like this, please contact us at High to Low Voltage today!


About H2LV

High to Low Voltage is a company that has been built on the ideas of loyalty, balance of work and life and a commitment of thoughtfully maintaining relationships that matter most. This is why H2LV is able to thrive when so many electrical equipment supply companies are struggling. H2LV knows that relationships are what really matter in this business — in any business — and we do our best to keep those relationships solid through loyalty and honesty at all times.

High to Low Voltage has made a name for itself dealing in solutions for projects of all sizes, from smaller companies to large-scale data centers with enormous demands. Our expert sales team knows how to find the perfect equipment regardless of your electrical needs in Los Angeles.


If you are ready to talk to industry leaders about your electrical needs, please contact us at High to Low Voltage today!

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