Electrical Supplies

Surplus Electrical Supplies & Reconditioned Circuit Breakers in Houston & Los Angeles

High to Low Voltage got their professional start in the electrical wholesale industry. With a niche in the electrical distribution business we also sell add on products to transformers, switchgear, and other electrical apparatus such as reconditioned circuit breakers and surplus electrical supplies.

H2LV looks forward to working with you on all balance of systems on your electrical projects.

    • Wire/Cable

Industrial wire and industrial cable allows you to transmit high voltage electricity from a generator to transformer or from transformers to towns, homes, farms, communities, hospitals and more. Industrial wire and industrial cable are primary components of any established infrastructure.

    • Fittings

Check with High to Low Voltage when you need fittings for industrial electrical systems. Our inventory of industrial electrical fittings helps you maintain your industrial complex, power generating station or relay station.

    • Conduit

Conduit is the housing used to provide pathways for cable or wire underground or in exposed areas of a building. Made from PVC, flexwire or steel, the conduit is shaped to the pathway planned for the wire or cable, then stringer is run to pull the wire or cable through to a junction or outlet.

    • reconditioned circuit breakers

Reconditioned circuit breakers improve the uptime of grids by being available for implementation much more quickly and at much less cost than rebuilding a damaged circuit breaker. With more frequent power outages as infrastructure ages in major US cities like Houston and Los Angeles, among others, reconditioned circuit breakers are stepping in to fill an important role in keeping electricity moving.

    • surplus electrical supplies

With electrical systems, it’s the case that some areas of the country are overstocked on electrical supplies. Because of our national reach, High to Low Voltage is able to pick up this overstock and to move it to areas of greatest need. Talk with High to Low Voltage today. No matter what type of surplus electrical supplies you are looking for, we can usually move product to you in short order.

    • All other miscellaneous electrical equipment

No matter what kind of electrical equipment you need, High to low voltage can acquire the tools, systems and technology you need to keep your facility, electrical grid, or service area supplying electricity. Start a conversation today.

If you’re in Houston, Los Angeles or anywhere in the United States, give us a call at (866) 840-7634 today!

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